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Cat Mahari


“If you play and make a statement...and it's a valid statement, that's a truth right there in itself.”

— John Coltrane


                 I'm opening doors, a woman moving with direction, a child offering options to play.

I share narratives, freestyle decisions, and installation montages that hint at - and sometimes attempt to make explicit - a perspective I've either experienced or feel a sense of familiarity with. A doer of words and movement learning different ways of speaking and moving in the world. I do my best to transmit visions and bring a willingness to learn - from one to all, and back, and around again. The question of "What?" that leads to "So...?" guides my exploration and brings me hopeful delight in overseeing challenges of life. Though dance is an ephemeral art, I see movement wisdom in almost everything. This is my cultivation of power, thoughts, and care for action with those here, those there, and those to come.

The challenge question: Do the grounds that I traverse enable a clearer weaving of direction?

The trick is to press play and open to it.

On this site you'll find my grow and glow.